Sunday, January 26, 2014

GNEW Invitation - a.s. xxxxviij

Project: Invitation to the Great Northeastern War to their Highnesses, Prince Brennan & Princess Caoilfhionn
Words: Mistress Anastasia Gutane
Inspiration: Late period legal documents and the style of the works of Master Edward MacGuyver dos Scorpus

Paper: Heavyweight White Pergamenata
Pens: Hiro Rond #6 and #2 1/2
Ink: Winsor & Newton Black Calligraphy Ink (Blue Cap)
Lining: AMES Guide 1:1 scale setting #6, 1:3 minim:interlinear height ratio for secretary hand, 3:1 for gothic.
Size: Roughly 12 by 7" for the calligraphy, on a sheet of

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cateline la Broderesse - OSC - a.s. xxxxviij

Project: Order of the Silver Crescent for Baroness Cateline la Broderesse
Words: Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge with translation assistance from Baron Pellandres dit le Frere.
Illumination: Lady Ro Honig von Sommerfeldt
Inspiration: The Salzburg Missal

Paper: 11 x 14" Strathmore Series 300 Bristol Board, Vellum Finish
Pen: Brausse 0.5mm.
Ink: Walnut.
Size: The calligraphy all fits within a 5" diameter circle, including space for signatures. AMES guide 1:1 scale at a setting of 4, with minim:interlinear height spacing of 1:2. (In other words, tiny!)