Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ian the Green - Award of the Purple Fret - a.s. xlix

Project:Award of the Purple Fret for Ian the Green
Latin Translation:Master Steffan ap Kennydd
Scroll:Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre
Paper:9" x 12" Parchment made by David de Rosier-Blanc (his Etsy store)
Script:Proto Gothic
Pens:Hand cut goose quills, pointed metal nib.
Inks:Ian the Green's Iron Gall; John Neal's Walnut Crystal; Winsor & Newton's Crimson, Blue, Green & Yellow inks; Purple Gouache; Garlic Juice.
Inspirations:Early 13th century English law treatise - Balliol College MS. 350
Opusculum de ratione spere - Bodleian Library MS. Digby 83, f58r
Facta et dicta memorabilia - Burney 212, f1 (found at the Puzzle Initial Index)