Friday, July 31, 2015

Period Ink Guidelines - What were they drawn with?

Recently I've been thinking about period calligraphy guidelines. Not so much as to how they are used, but how they were made. Specifically, I want to know what tool was used to draw the ink lines?

This post details my findings so far. Read on if you are into geeky investigation.

Astryda Borowska - Order of the Laurel - a.s. l

Project:Order of the Laurel for Astryda Borowska
Words:Master Harold von Auerbach
Calligraphy & Layout:Lord Alexandre Saint Pierre
Illumination:Doña Camille des Jardins
Paper:8x10" Parchment by David de Rosier-Blanc
Script:A somewhat sloppy and condensed Gothic Bookhand
Pens:Goose feather quill
Inks:Ian the Green's Iron Gall, Kolner Miniatum Ink & Gold Leaf, Winsor & Newton Scarlet & Blue Calligraphy Ink.
Inspiration:The Sankt Florian Psalter.

Mercedes Vera de Calafia - Augmentation of Arms - a.s. xlix

Project:Augmentation of Arms for Mercedes de Calafia
Words:Mistress Alys Mackyntoich
Illumination:Doña Camille des Jardins (her album for this project)
Paper:9x12" Parchment by David de Rosier-Blanc
Script:Spanish Rotunda
Pens:Wide metal & pointed nib for first line, goose quill for the smaller text.
Inks:Ian the Green's Iron Gall & Brazilwood inks
Inspiration:Letters Patent by King Charles I, 1524