Friday, December 5, 2014

Foundations of Calligraphy by Sheila Waters

Foundations of Calligraphyby Sheila Waters
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ISBN-13: 978-0966530513 - John Neal Bookseller
Images of Period Examples
Historic & Paleographic Knowledge
Ductus/Instructions on Historic Scripts
Accessibility to Novice Calligraphers
Techniques for Left-Handed Calligraphers
This book would be an excellent addition to the library of any serious student of calligraphy who wants to improve their skills. Waters does a superb job of teaching how to be an analytical calligrapher: both in how to examine a hand to learn how to reproduce it, as well as common mistakes in the formation of different scripts and how to prevent them.

This is a skills focused book that is written with the beginner/intermediate calligrapher in mind. The chapters are ordered such that they help guide a novice calligrapher, generally starting with easier scripts and progressing to more difficult. It is dense, and will probably provide more benefit to someone who is comfortable with the pen and a couple alphabets already.

While she includes some decent notes on the history of the scripts, you'll have to look elsewhere for detailed history and high quality extant examples of medieval calligraphy. The focus of this book is on the skills, knowledge, and techniques needed to become a better calligrapher.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Sabine de Kerbriant - Laurel Writ - a.s. xlix

Project:Writ for the Order of the Laurel for Sabine de Kerbriant
Words:Dame Brunissende Dragonnette
Paper:Natural 230 GSM Pergamenata
Script:Early Gothic
Pen:Hiro Rond #4 & #5
Ink:Sumi Bokuju, Windsor & Newton Crimson and Blue
Inspiration:Recycled Vellum Book Cover from the Folger Shakespeare Library