Here a few of the online resources I visit or use on a regular basis. If you know of any others, please share them with me so I can add them.

Scribal Blogs & Websites:
  • Medieval Whimsies, by Lady Isabel Chamberlaine. Period ink & pigment creation, gold work, calligraphy, examples and more.

  • Scribe Scribbling, by THL Ian the Green. Calligraphy, period ink making, examination of period works, and more.

  • Pens, Type, & Pixels, by Master Robert Whitcome of Brandywine (my Great, Great, Grand-Laurel). Master Robert has some wonderful advise for the beginning calligrapher on his site.

  • Arts Nataliia, by Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova. Period paintbrush making, illumination & calligraphy. She also responded to an interview here on my blog.

  • The East Kingdom College of Scribes, a wealth of information, and a must-read for any scribe helping with royal scrolls in the East. They have a comprehensive list of online resources as well.

Facebook Groups
  • SCA Calligraphy Boot Camp, A group for all SCA calligraphers, featuring monthly projects for skill development. They also have a website, if you aren't on Facebook.

  • SCA Scribes, A general discussion group on the subject of the SCA scribal arts. Great for getting advise and inspiration.

  • SCA Scribes and Illumination, Another group focused on discussions of the scribal arts.

  • SCA Scroll Gallery, A group for scroll recipients and artists to share images of scrolls.

  • Kellswood Krafts. Mistress Ygraine & Master Li carry scribal supplies, including Pergamenata paper. They are often happy to put together an order for pickup at an event. They also carry arrow making supplies for any archers out there.

  • John Neal Bookseller. Hands down the best source I've found for most calligraphy tools and materials.

  • Paper & Ink Arts. Another great source. They have the most reasonable price on Goose feathers I've seen.

  • Asofa / David Bianco / David de Rosier-Blanc. Real Parchment made by a member of the SCA in the Kingdom of An Tir (Oregon).

Digitized Manuscripts:

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