If you are thinking of becoming a scribe or calligrapher in the SCA, welcome. This page is a list of the "lesson" posts I've put together. I've listed them in what I think is a good order to start for a new scribe. Enjoy, and don't hesitate to contact me with requests for additional lessons.
  1. A glossary of scribal and calligraphy terms I use.
  2. My introduction & explanation as to what the scribal arts in the SCA are all about.
  3. Links to online resources I use and recommend.
  4. My calligraphy book recommendations and reviews.
  5. A discussion of the papers I use and recommend.
  6. Modern drafting tools I use to save time.
  7. The pens & inks I use and recommend.
  8. How to practice with a calligraphy pen to get used to it.
  9. Using the AMES lettering guide to pencil in your own guidelines.
  10. Setting up a budget writing slope.
  11. Coming soon: Fitting your text into a specific space.
  12. In the far off future: Tips for left-handed calligraphers.
  13. Tips to make the gothic textura quadrata script easier.
  14. How to copy a period hand.

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