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Listed by recipient name, award, and the year it was given.

Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon - Tyger of the East - a.s. l
Adrienne d'Evreus - Order of the Silver Brooch - a.s. l
Aneleda Falconbridge - Order of the Laurel - a.s. l
Astryda Borowska - Order of the Laurel - a.s. l
Bronwen Rose of Greylyng - Order of the Laurel - a.s. l
Frasier MacLeod - Master of Defence - a.s. l
Mercedes Vera de Calafia - Augmentation of Arms - a.s.xlix
Ian the Green - Award of the Purple Fret - a.s. xlix
Estrella War Gift Scroll - a.s. xlix
Aildreda de Tamworth - Laurel Writ - a.s. xlix
Sabine de Kerbriant - Laurel Writ - a.s. xlix
Leon d'Saint Aubin - Tyger's Cub - a.s. xlix
Deormund Wulfscyld - Grand Master Bowman - a.s. xxiv (presented xlix)
Miron d'Allaines-le-Comte - Award of Arms - a.s. xxxxviij
Labours of the East - Fundraising Calendar
Engracia de Madrigal - Order of the Silver Rapier - a.s. xxxxviij
Christian Woolfe - Order of the Pelican - a.s. xxxxviij
Rowen Cloteworthy - Writ for the Order of the Pelican - a.s. xxxxviij
Phillip the Reed - Serjeanty - a.s. xxxxviij
Invitation to their Highnesses for GNEW - a.s. xxxxviij
Cateline la Broderesse - Order of the Silver Crescent - a.s. xxxxviij
Ane & Sylvia du Vey - Baronial Investiture - a.s. xxxxviij
Jana von Drakenklaue V - Stepping Down Gift - Songs of the East - a.s. xxxxvi
Veronica Vesalius - Tyger's Cub - a.s. xxxxv

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Images of my earlier works:

The inspiration.

Project: Aneleda Cythera Falconbridge, Order of the Silver Crescent, A.S. 45
Notes: Another scroll where I did the calligraphy and illumination. Inspired by a page from the Prayer Book of Michelino Da Besozzo. 

Project: Countess Marguerite inghean Lachlainn, a quest completion and thanks from Lord Tomás an Bhoghá O'Néill for his task of creating a Northern Region Archer's badge. A.S. 48
Illumination: Lady Adrienne d'Evreaux.
Notes: Tomás and Adrienne worked together to create the badge on this scroll after Tomás was charged with the duty. Adrienne wanted to help Tomás show his thanks with a little pomp, and so we worked together to create the scroll. It should be noted that this is her first illumination! The calligraphy is somewhat of a generic bastard secretary hand of mine.

Inspiration piece, sadly I don't have details
on when or where it is from.

Project: Elgiva Wilhelm, Award of Arms, A.S. 45
Notes: This project is the one where I learned to relax a little and realize that calligraphy is writing, and it's okay to have some fun with it. I also experimented a little with letters of interest, note how the o, d and s all exceed the minim height.


Project: Marie d'Agincour, Award of Arms, A.S. 45
Notes: I penned and painted this scroll. This was the project where I realized that I find a large amount of painting to be frustrating, even if I am capable of doing an okay job at it. I'm a planner by nature, and I find myself thinking about what steps I still need to do, instead of being able to focus on what I'm doing. When I'm working on calligraphy, I'm able to really focus on each stroke of the pen.

With some of Honig's illumination added.
My apprentice-sister is crazy talented!

Project: Marcus Blackeart, Order of the Tyger's Combattant, A.S. 45
Notes: Very few words to let Honig fill the rest of the page with her amazing paint! A version of a bastard secretary.

Project: Astrid Sigrun Ulfkillsdottir, Court Baroncy with Grant of Arms, A.S 45
Notes: Inspiration was the Black Hours of Galeazzo Maria Sforza. My first attempt at working on a dark background. Ink is Winsor & Newton White and Gold. The gold didn't come out as well as I wished. The paper I used was a little soft, so I kept pulling up fibers. The white ink gummed up pretty quickly as well, so I spent a lot of time cleaning my pen. Still a very striking result and I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

Project: Jibril al Dakhil, Court Baroncy with Grant of Arms, A.S 45
Notes: I didn't have a specific period example in mind for this other than trying to make it look more like a decorated legal document than a page from a book of hours. All the paint and gold are mine as well. I think while working on this scroll I had a power outage, and was working on the gold leaf by candle light. It was an amazing experience, the gold really shines in lower light like that.

The finished scroll, illumination by my
apprentice sister, Camille des Jardins.

Project: Nicolas de Olivares, Grand Master Bowman, A.S. 45
Notes: Inspired by The Livre de Chasse (Book of the Hunt) by Gaston Phoebus. This is probably the first piece I did in Gothic where I was really happy with my spacing. It helped that this particular gothic had some roundness to the right side of letters like h, o and d.

Project: Northern Region Rapier Champions, Prize Scrolls, A.S. 45
Notes: Malagentia was hosting the NRRC, and needed two prize scrolls. I wrote, penned and painted both of these. I had black paper left from Astrid's scroll, so decided to use it.

Project: Damiana di Crecsienzio, Award of Arms, A.S 44
Notes: My favorite scroll in Gothic Textura Prescisus so far. This script is gothic, but with flat feet on the bottoms of most letters. What illumination you can see was done by my apprentice sister, Camille des Jardins.

Project: Thomas du Winterwade, Queen's Order of Courtesy, backlog from A.S. 43.
Notes: My first complete scroll, calligraphy, gold & paint. The sketching of Thomas in the Versal was done by my Laurel, Mistress Carolyne de la Pointe. Everything else was by me.

Project: Camille des Jardins, Order of the Silver Rapier, A.S 44
Notes: Another project I did all of. I did a lot of tracing and inking, then a lot of gold...

Inspiration: An augmentation of arms for the city of Vienna.

Project: Robert Toxophilus of Werchesope, Order of the Silver Crescent, A.S. 45
Notes: A beautiful period legal document was the inspiration. I was really trying to get the same feel, and start to play with flourishes for the top line.


  1. This is really nice! It's amazing how many different different fonts you can produce. May I please ask, what is the font used in your last image in your gallery? Cheers.

    1. Thanks so much! If you mean the "Project: Robert Toxophilus of Werchesope, Order of the Silver Crescent, A.S. 45", I attempted to copy the hand from the source document. It's in a German Secretary hand of some type, based on Gothic. While scribes did try to name scripts to talk about them, there was a ton of variation in style from one scribe to the next. Hands like this one eventually evolved into the German Fraktur script, which was used in books made on printing presses.

    2. Yes, that was the script I was talking about - thank you very much for your detailed response.